Chief Executive Officer

Name:                               Mr.S.Javaid Hussain
Qualification:                     B.Com, MBA, L.L.B
Experience:                       33 years
Date of appointment:        June 5, 2012


Name:                               Mrs.Faiza Javaid
Qualification:                     MA
Experience:                       3 years
Date of appointment:        June 5, 2012


Company Secretary

Name:                               Mr.Owais Kamal Siddiqui
Qualification:                     B.Com, MBA
Experience:                       07 years
Date of appointment:        Sept 1, 2015

Senior Executive Operations

Name:                               Mr.Saad Wahab
Qualification:                     MBA
Experience:                       10 years
Date of appointment         July 1, 2012

Senior Executive IT

Name:                             Mr. Syed Mohd Shiraz Zaidi
Qualification:                   B.Com,Diploma in IT
Experience:                     10 years
Date of appointment       July 1, 2012

Executive Investor Services

Name:                               Mr.Rashid
Qualification:                     B.A
Experience:                       8 years
Date of appointment         July 1, 2012